Feb 2019 – Journey to Iceland!

Hi everyone! For my first real post about my life, I thought my recent trip to Iceland would be a no-brainer! My boyfriend and I went for our anniversary weekend of the 15th (pretty convenient anniversary to remember) and we had a blast!


Unfortunately due to weather we were unable to see the Northern Lights, but that did lead us to finding what might be my favourite bar ever. It was playing my favourite music and had pillow covered windowsills all along the side of one of the walls. We also ate lots of hearty lamb soups, which we desperately needed after attempting to take photos in the minus seven weather! It was possibly the least photographed time of my life since I got a smartphone as my hands would freeze in the winds whenever I tried to snap a moment. However, I have wonderful memories and a shot from the warm plane!

For those considering Iceland, I would very much recommend the Golden Circle Tour, which includes the wonderful Gullfoss waterfalls, as well as geysers and hot springs. There is also a chance to walk between two tectonic plates, one being America and the other the Eurasian plate, making for some truly epic views. Reykjavik was also fun to walk around, being an adorable, colourful city with beautiful homes, and a wonderful cathedral for any architecture lovers!


Yet another doodle! Don’t tell anyone I’m supposed to be doing a degree in aerospace engineering because the plane is nothing short of fantastical. I thought I’d snap a photo with another of my many mugs, this time opting for my lovely copper mug I was gifted (I should note most of my twenty-plus mugs were gifted to this coffee-addict!). I thought I would go for a more cartoony style, which is something I’ve never really done before, but was a lot quicker than anything else I could think of.

I’m glad I got the chance to travel a bit, if it hadn’t been for my placement there would have been no way I could afford that with my university nightclub job! One of my many goals during my twenties adventure is to get some travel in, as before I was eighteen, I had only ever travelled abroad to visit family with my mum which has a very different vibe, I can promise!

Great having a chat (I think of these as chats), hope to have something interesting to add soon!


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