Every day feels the same.

Ever think back on all the cool things you had in mind for growing up? I remember thinking about dancing in a kitchen while cooking with my best friends like an episode of Friends, or constantly out cruising in my car after work to go out for yet another evening of adventure. It's odd describing... Continue Reading →

Finding a third year house

This January I headed back to my university town to look at some six-bed houses with two of my friends for our third/fourth year house. I had never intended in living with that many people, but we are all good friends who have mostly lived together before in first or second year who happen to... Continue Reading →

Working out a routine at university

One of the many things I want to improve about myself is my health. This not only includes eating well and doing some exercise, but getting a decent amount of sleep. My time at university involved many 24 hour plus stints awake due to my night job, day job and occasional need to study. This... Continue Reading →

Am I actually trying to lose weight?

Coming to you with a rather typical post talking about my wonderful lack of enthusiasm for things that would better me. First things first, let the record show that I'm not trying to lose weight for any beauty reasons, but for health and comfort. I am very lazy by nature and love being comfy, and... Continue Reading →

A career in management: My thoughts

I recently went to a careers event, Future Female Engineers, held at the headquarters for Network Rail. It was an eye-opening experience, deepening my love for STEM and engineering all at once. There were talks from senior female engineers in large reputable companies such as Exxon Mobil and UK Power Networks that gave us their... Continue Reading →

Friends – From College to University

The transition from college to university was an interesting one. Gone was my hour long commute into Cambridge, replaced with rolling out of bed to go to my lecture halls five minutes’ walk from my front door. It also meant I was doing things for myself only. I had already been cooking all the meals... Continue Reading →

My transition from university to placement

I have mentioned that I am currently doing a placement year between my second and third years of university in aerospace engineering. At first I couldn't even imagine what being on placement would be like compared to the comfortable life of university, but now I can't even imagine returning to university this September! The change... Continue Reading →

Why can’t I stop wasting time?

It’s already time for another rambling post from yours truly about one of the many things I tend to freak out about more than necessary. This time around, it’s all about the way I spend my time! So to sum up how I typically spend my time at uni, it was either spending all night... Continue Reading →

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