Hatch – St Albans, Hertfordshire

Hello again everyone! Thought I should live up to the name of the blog and talk about some coffee! I got into coffee when I was fifteen, but that was solely Starbucks or Costa. It wasn’t until university when I realised how expensive getting two or three Costa coffees a day was (I have many regrets), I looked into getting some good coffee at home.

I now have a lovely cafetiere and cafetiere travel mug (I was over the moon to be given the travel mug version), and a coffee machine because why not. Don’t worry I got all the cheaper versions, not ready to live that Nespresso life just yet, although I already have a graduation self-gift in mind (no guesses there). I’m now big into my little espressos or an americano, ditching my teenage love for flavoured lattes, despite my oh-so-clever user name.

Now you all know that I think myself a bit of a coffee-connoisseur these days, I can pretend to review some coffee shops with some credibility.

My first review will be about the absolutely adorable Hatch in St. Albans Hertfordshire. I remember the first I went was purely because I am drawn to tiny shops and they labelled themselves as the ultimate brunch place, and I had always wanted to say I was going out for brunch because it sounded fancy. Not only that, but I’m a complete sucker for waffles.

The interior of the shop is just delightful. Simply imagine what a hipster from 2010would love; exposed brick walls, Edison bulbs, geometric copper light covers, and wooden tables. I loved it the minute I walked in, feeling like I wanted to curl up with a hot drink and a blanket. Luckily they had the hot drinks (I’ll try to remember the blanket for next time).

So now we get onto the food and drink, the main reason you would be reading! I ordered a butterscotch waffle and an iced latte since it was a rather warm day when I went with my friends. If you have ever been to a Waffle House, you will be in for a familiar treat when the food arrives, being a soft, warm waffle, topped with a variety of toppings. They had other options including Nutella and strawberry, bacon and maple syrup, as well as honeycomb. Burgers and sandwiches are also available, again with a good amount of variety.

Before I even mention the lovely coffee I had, it is very important to mention that Hatch also serves a large variety of cocktails, including brunch classics like a Bloody Mary. I have yet to have one of their cocktails, but I’m already looking forward to my return to try some out. The coffee was lovely and wasn’t actually too heavy on the milk (turns out I’m no longer a big fan of milk), making it a great drink for the hot day. I also made sure to have some of their freshly prepped juice, choosing a grapefruit juice as I love strong citrus drinks (think San Pellegrino).

If you ever find yourself in the surrounding area of St Albans, which I recommend as it’s a rather sweet town, make sure to pop down to Hatch for a great lunch with very friendly staff.


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