My goals before starting my fourth year of university

Hello all! Feel like I’ve been in a rather persistent mode of negativity for a couple months and I thought it would be a good idea to write down some ideas/goals I want to complete before I start my fourth year of university. I feel like the pressure of toeing the line of my overdraft, working a part-time job as well as completing my two final years projects (both over 10k reports with lab work), will mean I don’t get a lot of personal goals done, so now would be the best time to do them. I’ve been planning on doing this since I started my placement in July 2018, but besides doing a bit of running, I never really got around to doing anything tangible. So here is my list of goals before September;

Lose weight/make healthier choices

This is a pretty typical one for most people, but my student house for next year is one minute walk from the shopping centre, with a view of Nando’s from one of the rooms. Before you sigh and question my will-power, it simply stems from the fact I became so busy in my second year with all my jobs and studying, that fast meals away from our cramped kitchen began to appeal more and more. It’s not a very good excuse, I’m well aware, which is why I intend to go back to bulk cooking/meal prepping so I can make sure I’m eating healthier, as well as saving more money. I am hoping I can avoid falling into a similar trap as I imagine next year will be even busier (much to my horror).

Read all the books I’ve been stockpiling

Having been an avid reader in the past, I began really slacking on my book time from the point I started university till now. Since starting university, I have finished two books, but also bought another fifteen or so as time went on. The real tragedy is those were graphic novels, so those two books should have taken an afternoon! I am currently halfway through two crime novels, my favourite genre, but haven’t picked either up since Christmas. Reading had always been a great relaxing hobby of mine, so I think at this point when I’m stressing about returning to university, going through my bookshelf would offer a calming escape from it all.

Save up some money and really be out of my overdraft

I am still kicking myself for going into my overdraft in the first place, although I am fully aware I would not have been eating any food in second year if I hadn’t. However, with the choice of buying a car, which although useful, I can admit was not entirely necessary at this point, I have been using a lot of my take home from my placement and have not been able to save as of yet. After my fairly cheap car expectedly failed it’s MOT in January (joys of cheap cars), and ran up quite a bill to be fixed, I am hoping to be able to now live a slightly cheaper lifestyle until the next mega-payment of car insurance arrives in September. I’ve always been able to save if I had something in mind, but focusing on general saving is something I have let go to the wayside, so I am hoping to get into a much better habit of that so I have a small nest egg when I come to graduating.

Find summer employment and part-time work for university

This is a big one that I have already been working on. I had an interview a few weeks ago for an engineering summer placement in Portsmouth but have not heard anything yet, so not too hopeful. I also have an assessment centre to work as a team leader for the national citizen service – NCS. I have worked as an assistant leader before and completed the programme itself after my GCSEs so I would like to think my chances aren’t too bad, with the added bonus I could just commute from home for a few short weeks as opposed to renting a room in Portsmouth for two months. The main thing is I really don’t want to sit on my hand over the summer as the constant dread of being unemployable looms behind me even as I type this out. That is another aspect of myself I really need to work on, but for now having some steady work is what helps to ease my mind. Also finding work for university once summer comes is ideal, as I don’t intend to work 9pm to 4am during the upcoming year of university, but am aware that without a job I would find it next to impossible to get by.

Those are all the initial things I want to work on, because I know if I give myself too many goals I’ll simply shut down and do none of them. Yet another thing I really need to work on, but again a problem for another day sometime soon.


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