Working out a routine at university

One of the many things I want to improve about myself is my health. This not only includes eating well and doing some exercise, but getting a decent amount of sleep. My time at university involved many 24 hour plus stints awake due to my night job, day job and occasional need to study. This led to the terrifying discovery that I only needed a minimum three hours of sleep a day to be somewhat functional, and with 9am lectures after a shift ending at 4am, that was the only option I really had available to me.

When I started my placement I said that it would all change and I would get the coveted 8-10 hours of sleep each night, It was a strong start of 10 hours each night meaning I was up for work super early and down for the count by half nine most evenings. However, I began to loathe the short amount of evening I had and began staying up a little bit longer to watch some TV, with the reasoning that even eight or nine hours of sleep was still pretty great. Well I’m sure you can all tell were this is going, but I now average 6-8 hours each night, and it’s working quite well. I am feeling more refreshed in general and have managed to go from seven cups of coffee a day to around two, sometimes even none!

However, the worry I have is that when I return to university I’ll have no idea on how to keep up this nice schedule. It will be quite some time before my new timetable is released but I am sure there will be some late starts, three hour gaps between lectures, or a completely empty day once a week. That’s to no fault of the university as it is quite difficult to timetable all the different modules across schools and necessary rooms (I’ve had some long meetings about timetabling in my time!). Figuring out how to create a steady working time each day was something I really struggled with my first and second year, particularly  with my nights being so busy during the week.

I did have a bit of success in my second year with a lovely timetable that told me to work as much as possible to roughly 5/6pm, eat at normal hours, and put in at least an hour a day for Netflix. It was good, but whenever I slipped up, instead of simply correcting back to the timetable, I had to catch up on work I had missed as my lecturers really dialled up the weekly assignments to eleven in multiple modules.

A goal for my next year is to create a dynamic timetable on Excel as opposed to a pretty hand-drawn one for my wall. With this I can link it to my phone and easily alter activity when I inevitable binge the next season of RuPaul or get an extra shift at work (day jobs only this time!).

I’ll be sure to upload a copy of my so called “dynamic timetable” once I know some more info from my university, and be sure to let you know how well I actually stick to it.


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