Every day feels the same.

Ever think back on all the cool things you had in mind for growing up? I remember thinking about dancing in a kitchen while cooking with my best friends like an episode of Friends, or constantly out cruising in my car after work to go out for yet another evening of adventure.

It’s odd describing an undeserving sense of being unfulfilled. Waking up each day and listening to the same throwback playlist, walking or driving to work and sitting at my desk. Now it is important to note that I absolutely love my job and am always feeling more energised after a busy day. However, the workload can get low to almost non-existent some days and finding ways to occupy the biggest section of my day can be draining. Especially when every evening consists of me wasting time until I fall asleep. Day in and day out I watch the same old videos or random episodes of shows I’be seen before, barely paying attention to what is going on in front of my eyes. By no means is this the end of the world, and I am aware I could easily fix this issue. I could read my books, do some painting, exercise, or simply explore the area. The list of possibilities is endless.

Something is pulling me back to the same empty routine each day and I;m not quite sure of how to escape it just yet.


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