Sticking to Blogging

I have been slowing my post upload the last two weeks, which is rather typical behaviour of mine as I’m quite used to entering a hobby full of vigour to abandon it soon after. Why do I always do this? That I’m not too sure of, with the habit having left me half-skilled at all... Continue Reading →

Turning 21

This weekend was a whirlwind of activities, what with my cousin's wedding, Easter and my birthday all rolled into one! The weekend was spent in Birmingham, a city with nearly as much chaos as London, but with a much cooler vibe. Trips to cute pubs and riverside delights were in store, as well as dancing... Continue Reading →

Going out alone

Yesterday I took the day off to head into town to get a dress for my cousin's wedding. What with it being payday, and needing to use up twelve more days of holiday in the three months I have left of my placement, why not? I do enjoy my own company, even though I am... Continue Reading →

A Night Out vs A Night In

Being on placement has meant that I work 8 hours each day and leave work feeling a little tired each evening. This means that I am home in bed watching TV a lot more than before. During university, whenever I had an evening free from work and assignments, I was convincing everyone around me to... Continue Reading →

Biddy’s Tea Room, Norwich

Despite the name of the blog, I also love tea! I went to visit a friend studying at University of East Anglia in Norwich whilst I was volunteering at the local science festival, and she showed me that the city was my true home. Full of adorable narrow streets and cute tea shops and rainbow... Continue Reading →

Simmons Bar, Camden Town

Simmons Bar is not too uncommon in London and for good reason. On a rather dull evening, a friend and I decided to pop to Camden, being near my university and meant to be a good place to find something interesting to do. We wondered various bars looking for somewhere to chat whilst enjoying something... Continue Reading →

Going solo in France

To start my second year I wanted to go explore solo and get a taste of that “worldly feeling” all these gap year people go on about. My first year had me scrounging for deals in Aldi and pouring countless vodka cokes in hopes of affording some textbooks (woe is me, I know). So after... Continue Reading →

Tidying up

Since the start of university I’ve been adding more and more clothing to my wardrobe, refusing to get rid of clothes that could no longer fit in hopes I could squeeze into them soon enough. That time never came and the collection of small clothes began to build. This alongside my excitement for buying adult... Continue Reading →

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