Tidying up

Since the start of university I’ve been adding more and more clothing to my wardrobe, refusing to get rid of clothes that could no longer fit in hopes I could squeeze into them soon enough. That time never came and the collection of small clothes began to build. This alongside my excitement for buying adult items like room decor and kitchen appliances meant that car trips back and forth uni and my house became more frequent with larger cars and pulled down back seats.

My university is campus based so rolling out of bed five minutes before a lecture became the norm for me, meaning when I did buy clothes comfort became the main choice over fashion. My current wardrobe therefore consists of pyjamas, leggings and oversized hoodies, Gone are the days of patterns blazers and vintage jackets, a forgotten memory of my college days before the new era of mismatched comfort. When I started going to interviews and began preparing to start my placement, I realised I actually needed to look like a professional. So I had to go shop for plain blazers and blousy tops, all in a lovely larger size than ever before. By the time I was finally packing away all my clothes away, I was stunned to see that the larger wardrobe/dresser in my room was no match for all the fabric.

Following the good ol’ KonMari method, I filled three bin bags with jackets/coats/etc. and tattered clothes that no longer “brought joy”. It was refreshing to have everything organised and made me question how I had got to this point. I think it made me finally understand why people can look forward to spring cleaning!

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