Simmons Bar, Camden Town

Simmons Bar is not too uncommon in London and for good reason. On a rather dull evening, a friend and I decided to pop to Camden, being near my university and meant to be a good place to find something interesting to do. We wondered various bars looking for somewhere to chat whilst enjoying something that gives off part of Camden’s more “quirky” vibe.

When my internet search told me of cocktails served in teacups and a disco ball skull, we knew we had to race down and see what was happening at the local Simmons bar, just opposite of the KOKO club, which looks stunning being an old theatre building. The first thing we noticed was how pink the whole bar was due to all the pink neon decorations adorning the walls of the cosy venue. The music was cheesy (think 2000 Britney), the teapots were plentiful, and we loved every last bit of it.

They offer larger sharing cocktails in teapots

If you happen to visit Camden, there is a lot of places to go and it’s impossible to visit every great drinking spot in one night, but if you fancy it, Simmons is a great time!

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