Biddy’s Tea Room, Norwich

Despite the name of the blog, I also love tea! I went to visit a friend studying at University of East Anglia in Norwich whilst I was volunteering at the local science festival, and she showed me that the city was my true home. Full of adorable narrow streets and cute tea shops and rainbow market stalls, Norwich is definitely worth a trip.

Now to admit something rather shocking. As a Brit, I’m not a fan of breakfast tea. It’s just never appealed, but I’d never turn down a cup of Earl Grey or a good fruit blend. My friend and I opted for some pots of berry tea that were more flavourful than standard tea, but not overpowering. Once again, it’s the pleasant vibe of the shop as a social setting that really makes it a stand out venue.

If you’re looking for atmosphere, Biddy’s has it in spades

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