A Night Out vs A Night In

Being on placement has meant that I work 8 hours each day and leave work feeling a little tired each evening. This means that I am home in bed watching TV a lot more than before. During university, whenever I had an evening free from work and assignments, I was convincing everyone around me to either go out for a drink or head into London to wonder about all night.

The days of clubbing are behind me now, as working on the other side of the bar has really changed my perception of the whole nightlife system, with trips to clubs with friends feeling more like a hazy work dream than a fun night out. This has led me to living for a good cocktail bar or a cosy pub, where I can actually have a conversation and actually sit down. So for this argument, you can see me as more of the ‘going out’ type, being quite the typical extravert who loves being around others and being out and about.

However, I absolutely love a night in and my own company from time to time. Especially after a full day in the office, making small talk and laughing at inside jokes with the managers, going home to a single gin and tonic and some Always Sunny is a blessing each night. There is something about cosying up in soft jammies with some herbal tea, either alone or with some good housemates, which really rests the soul. It can also be loads of fun with pizza, a glass of wine and some funny movies.

There are great upsides to both options, and it really depends on how you are feeling on the day. Are you raring to go for some excitement and a chance to explore, or are you ready to settle in after a busy day? Whichever one you choose, having the right company (good friends or even just yourself), will make your evening.



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