Going out alone

Yesterday I took the day off to head into town to get a dress for my cousin’s wedding. What with it being payday, and needing to use up twelve more days of holiday in the three months I have left of my placement, why not?

I do enjoy my own company, even though I am a very obvious extrovert, meaning I do take the time to enjoy my trips out to run errands. It always seems a bit odd to me to wander into town or go out to London or elsewhere when I have no specific plan. I never venture into town unless there is something I need to buy, then I happen to grab a coffee and walk through a park whilst I do all that. So yesterday I decided to make a whole day of it, even catching a movie by myself, something I had always considered but never done. I recommend it because movies aren’t really that sociable anyways, unless you are that annoying group that talk through the whole movie!

I much prefer solo trips when I have errands to run as I get those out of the way pretty fast, and can then spend the rest of the day relaxing. I wrote this post up whilst enjoying a cappuccino after my movie, with my lovely dress already in my bag. Next time you have to go into town, instead of desperately searching for a friend to accompany you, try being your own company.


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