Turning 21

This weekend was a whirlwind of activities, what with my cousin’s wedding, Easter and my birthday all rolled into one! The weekend was spent in Birmingham, a city with nearly as much chaos as London, but with a much cooler vibe. Trips to cute pubs and riverside delights were in store, as well as dancing the night away with many relatives and free drinks.

Trying to look cool, but my feet really hurt

I actually took the opportunity to snap some photos, which I rarely include myself in, but it was far too nice a weekend to not want to capture the memory. Turning 21 has never really seemed like that much of a milestone to me, especially since in England I have all the same opportunities as I did when I was 18. The main thing is I can rent cars more easily now, and I’m barely confident enough in my own!

I plan on creating a list of goals for this year till I reach 22, including successfully changing to a master’s course, and actually shifting some of my unhealthy habits.


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