Sticking to Blogging

I have been slowing my post upload the last two weeks, which is rather typical behaviour of mine as I’m quite used to entering a hobby full of vigour to abandon it soon after. Why do I always do this? That I’m not too sure of, with the habit having left me half-skilled at all manners of things like crochet, rowing and novelty baking.

However, this is something I plan to keep up with as it is a useful way to record my thoughts and goals as I progress through my twenties, giving me a chance to reflect on my past mistakes/triumphs and move forward. I was never one for diaries, and don’t see this as one really, but more of a loose notebook holding down my random scrawling.

I do intend for this to be somewhat useful if anyone decides to read my journey, so trying to put my experiences and plans into a more informational format is another goal of mine. The tone right now is rather conversational, but I like that. Hey, I’m an engineer, not a writer, so it’s not my goal to win any literature awards!


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