All My Friends Are Graduating

Taking a placement year puts me in an odd place as it is approaching the point where most of my friends are graduating their standard three year degrees. Of course it isn’t all of my friends, as we all take different paths. Some friends left college and got into work and I have seen them... Continue Reading →

Should You Get A Car?

I remember turning 17 and thinking that having a car would be the true key to my freedom, no longer relying on my mum or brother for constant lifts to the train station. Pair that with living in a village with an hourly bus that stopped running at 6pm, I was eager to be out... Continue Reading →

Two Magpies Bakery, Southwold

Going down to the seaside is one of my favourite British pastimes. It can be a sunny day, meaning a nice walk down the pier for great fish and chips, strange arcade games, or view of the pretty town through those old-timey binoculars. Even if it’s raining, sitting in a cosy pub, full of local... Continue Reading →

Shopping Vintage

It has taken far too long to talk about my love of vintage! When I was younger I used to love 60s and 70s pop music, swaying around to The Turtles, and have always been a huge fan of 80s movies and music, loving the bright out there vibes these decades give to contrast the... Continue Reading →

A Partial Reinvention

Every year I have big plans on how I’ll finally reinvent myself into the cool adult of my daydreams. Whether it’s a new haircut, new wardrobe, better body, or a combination of all the above; I always fall flat on the new image and wallow in disappointment. Once again I have fallen prey to my... Continue Reading →

Getting a STEM Job: The Extra Bits

Trying to find a placement or graduate job is difficult. Applying for that first professional full-time role in your potential dream role will seem rather daunting, especially when you are struggling to find the relevant experience that is often listed on job postings. Luckily, the term is a bit more open for interpretation at this... Continue Reading →

Trip to Malta

As my first semester of second year came to an end, the thing on most people’s minds is taking a break from all the assignments that have been hailing down before Christmas, and hiding away from the dreaded January exams. My friend and I did just that, booking a trip back in September for a... Continue Reading →

Struggling with food

This will be a fun happy tale. I’ve always had weird thing with food, either being stick thin as a child, or very overweight as a young adult. I managed to put on over five stone since I turned 17, relying on food to ease my stress or boredom. I always feel like I should... Continue Reading →

Trying to save money

When I have something in mind, like a car or an impending deposit, I am quite good at saving and can always find a way to put some money aside for my goal. However, when I have nothing to specifically save for, my savings account is bare and my current account is also looking a... Continue Reading →

Less than three months to go…

I have been on my placement for just under ten months and have loved it all the way through. There have been points were I have been so busy I thought my head could spin, and other days when I would twiddle my thumbs. This is typical of most offices, but the overall experience has... Continue Reading →

Can I be a flexible employee?

I have begun eagerly looking at some graduate roles to get an idea of what I can do in my final year, potentially two years, of university to give me that all important “edge”. Already making plans to look for some leadership roles and a fun team-based society, there was one bit of criteria that... Continue Reading →

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