House Sharing with Adults: My Experience

I have been living in my current house share for roughly 10 months as I complete a placement year away from university. This meant I up and moved from home, but also my university town and friends.

The particular house I chose is a ten minute walk from my office, but the house age is 30s/40s, meaning I passed up a house full of 20 year old girls that was a 45 minute walk away. It was the sensible choice, and one I think was good as I appreciate being able to take in my mornings a bit more before heading off to work. However, the social aspect of shared housing has definitely been quiet this year round, with reasonable bed times and watching telly in respective rooms is the norm here. I have no issue spending some time after work alone, honestly I prefer it, but it is a shame that I see people so little that when I do run into a housemate it all feels a bit… awkward.

I would never claim to be a bad housemate, I cook for others, clean all the communal areas regularly (my room is another question), and buy extra toilet paper. But I can’t help but shake the feeling I have to be incredibly muted in this house, otherwise they will think I am a typical loud student type. This means headphones on at all times (no TV sounds from me), being in the kitchen as little as humanly possible, and tiptoeing to the toilet at night. It’s not like I want to blare music and dance around my room, well maybe a little bit of that, but it always feels to me that the house is almost always deathly silent and it can’t be me adding any of the sounds. It has meant that I have been much quieter this year, usually loving talking out loud as I work or clean. This has been rather odd for me as it hasn’t given me a chance to think things over as much or organise my thoughts (you see why I started this blog?)

All in all, it is what I make of it, as I know many friends in identical situations who are always having a natter with their older housemates and feeling themselves whilst at the house. I feel like the family area as meant that it was inevitable I would get a very calm household, but the lack of any socialising was a bit of a shock to the system.


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