Less than three months to go…

I have been on my placement for just under ten months and have loved it all the way through. There have been points were I have been so busy I thought my head could spin, and other days when I would twiddle my thumbs. This is typical of most offices, but the overall experience has been a great one, and one I am sure will put me in a better mind set entering my third/fourth year this September,

Ah but I really don’t want to go back! The freedom, the lack of any homework or revision, the opportunity to enjoy something about each and every day has become such a treat, almost making me wish I hadn’t done a year of work yet. It made me see how lovely being in work and not in university is, and now I have to seemingly take a step backwards when all I have been doing since 18 is moving forward.

All that being said, I am excited to see all my friends again, live with my bestie and actually have visitors again as this particular house doesn’t allow it (which is fair enough really, all my friends were busy working as well). My university town is by no means glamorous, but it’s familiar and comfortable, as well as being relatively cheap compared to the city here. It seems a little counterintuitive that I despise taking a step back, but also look forward to the familiar comforts of university. I guess in some ways, being around housemates I already know and have lived with before is more freeing in a home sense, whilst the office here is more freeing in a workload sense. Not that the workload is light, but it is often more enjoyable than university revision.

As my time here draws to an end, it gives me great comfort knowing that I do love this particular career path and would be more than happy to follow it after graduation. It has helped me focus my goals and the standards with which I hold myself to.


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