Trip to Malta

As my first semester of second year came to an end, the thing on most people’s minds is taking a break from all the assignments that have been hailing down before Christmas, and hiding away from the dreaded January exams.

My friend and I did just that, booking a trip back in September for a cheap 4 –star stay in Malta for seven nights at £120 each. It was a fantastic deal, and we had no internet in our house for the first few weeks and seemed to have gone a bit crazy, leaping at the opportunity to travel away from the humdrum town we had gotten to know. Neither of us had ever really travelled, with me not fully counting my trips back to Zimbabwe/Botswana as it felt more like following my mum to relatives houses, sitting politely and helping out with various chores. We were both so excited to book, and the countdown on the website sent us into the tizzy the website designers had hoped for, that I ended up booking us a lovely flight from Bournemouth Airport. From my previous posts you can probably tell I live absolutely nowhere near Bournemouth, so after a bit of freaking out I was able to change our airport for only £15 for the both of us. Big shout out to Bernadette from Ryan Air, the absolute babe.

Once we were there, it was shocking to see we were staying somewhere so nice for so little. We made sure to go out every day and even booked excursions with a local company, who even gave us free tickets for a mini-cruise. Mind you, we woke up late nearly every day, but the area was well-connected, everything was super leaning towards a British crowd, which was useful for us, but also a bit strange as it was over in the Mediterranean.

Seeing the gorgeous blue waters surrounding us, finding an empty beach with the only residents being about thirty cats, as well as trying some of the best seafood I’ve ever had, made this trip to Malta one of my favourites of all time!

Travelling on the cheap is a must for students, allowing us to enjoy a bit of a different culture, as well as taking a much needed break from all of our work. Our break was not that well timed, although we were desperate for a chance to run away from our assignments, literally leaving them in another country. It did mean that we had to do a bit of work on holiday, which was not ideal as we ended up dedicating a whole day to room service, cable TV and angrily failing at calculations.

I am very eager to go on yet another trip with my friend, believing this trip to have solidified our friendship as one that can definitely last after university. Maybe next time we’ll go when we have less assignments, even if the timing may make the trip a bit more costly. I’ve already proved to be good at finding a deal, so I’m sure we’ll do just fine.


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