A Partial Reinvention

Every year I have big plans on how I’ll finally reinvent myself into the cool adult of my daydreams. Whether it’s a new haircut, new wardrobe, better body, or a combination of all the above; I always fall flat on the new image and wallow in disappointment.

Once again I have fallen prey to my own mind, daydreaming of returning to university this September wise from my placement and looking even more stunning than before. How I intend on getting to that point, I have no real idea. One of my main things is weight loss, which I have begun to mention a few times. My relationship with food is no good and my health is not as great as it should be. My main goal is to be able to fit into a proper bra (a 32L shouldn’t even be capable of existing), not feel sweat EVERYEWHERE, and be able to start buying all the cool clothes I want without worrying they won’t fit in a few months.

I’ve already talked about planning to lose weight, but I’m more of a talker than a walker, so we’ll have to see how that all goes. I actually completed my 2018 New Year’s resolution of learning to drive and buying a car, but the costs have already drained me and I hope to be able to leave my blue Ford KA at home come September and instead get a job in town that isn’t pouring a hundred vodka cokes whilst strobe lights assault me from every angle.

Let’s just do a simple list of mini reinvention goals;

1) Lose a bit of weight (nothing drastic for a few months of work)

2) Get another tattoo before I stop getting a regular decent pay check

3) Either shave the sides of my head again, or get long extensions (very similar choices, I know)

4) Find a job in town to avoid having to drive

5) Finally join a society for fun and not just career progression!


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