Shopping Vintage

It has taken far too long to talk about my love of vintage! When I was younger I used to love 60s and 70s pop music, swaying around to The Turtles, and have always been a huge fan of 80s movies and music, loving the bright out there vibes these decades give to contrast the dreary post-war era.

My style is definitely casual office wear. I love a good blazer, whether it be boldly patterned or just well -constructed, as well as waistcoats and all of the boots. However, I love to pair these with skinny jeans, some strong looking doc martens, and of course some kind of hat. With the main part of the casualness in my outfits usually being a bright or patterned jacket, matched with block colours. I own a lot of white or black clothes, and my jackets tend to be where I let some personality shine though.

I’ve been buying all my own food and clothes since I got a part-time job at 16, so shopping on the cheap was a must at me, and even now with a bigger bank account I hesitate to buy any article of clothing over a tenner. Charity shops are always great as I find some great brands at even greater prices, always proudly telling people how cheap the outfit they just complimented was. When I am willing to spend a bit more, vintage clothing is definitely the time I bring out the purse. With my favourite vintage shop in Cambridge, Jemporium Vintage, having a £5 trunk I rummage every chance I get, if I find a truly great peace, I am certain to cough up the extra pennies. Not that I do it too often though.

Vintage weigh and pays are my absolute favourite! Typically £15 per kilo, I can deck out my seasonal wardrobe for less than a fiver a piece. I will be attending one in Brighton this summer and will be sure to show you all my haul and how affordable dressing the way you like can be.


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