Two Magpies Bakery, Southwold

Going down to the seaside is one of my favourite British pastimes. It can be a sunny day, meaning a nice walk down the pier for great fish and chips, strange arcade games, or view of the pretty town through those old-timey binoculars. Even if it’s raining, sitting in a cosy pub, full of local Southwold Adnams beer with some chips still makes the British seaside a fun day.

There is this adorable bakery in the centre of the high street, just a few minutes’ walk from the beach. Two Magpies bakery is always brimming with people, especially at noon as having one of their delicious sandwiches or quiches for lunch is a Southwold must.

The cakes are another reason everyone has to stop by, the variety is absurd, it always takes me several minutes to decide which one I’m trying next! The cheesecakes are gorgeous and I’ve been told the chocolate brownies are delicious. Here’s a real big admission from my end… I really don’t like chocolate. Always surprises people for some reason, but I’ve always preferred savoury things in general like a good cheese board. It also means there’s more choccy treats for everyone else to enjoy.

The bakery has a small café section at the rear, but most people enjoy cakes in the many sunny rental homes around, or town towards the pier as there are benches dotted all along the beach and the adjacent park. It really feels like the local baker’s, even though every time I go back to Southwold it’s full to the rafters of vacationers.

Next time you are near Southwold, definitely stop by, especially because the entire town has a lot to offer.


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