Uni Job Hunt

As I am perpetually poor and am planning on keeping the money in my savings account for as long as I can manage, I am yet again looking for a job once I get back to university. It has been quite a while since I applied for a part-time job (summer job not included), so... Continue Reading →

Postgraduate Study

So I’ve been panicking all year about having to do a masters after finally getting to taste some freedom from education. I just want to finish my bachelors and launch back into adult life, looking at Ikea plates and having some wine after a good day of work. However, doing a masters is exactly what... Continue Reading →

Recent Home Décor Buys

1) This adorable tealight holder from Berts Homestore in Brighton for £5.95 2) This hexagon mirror from Wilko for £5 was my latest find last weekend. 3) This ottoman also from Wilko has been a lifesaver. It was £22, folds flat so is car friendly, and also is strong enough to sit on when I... Continue Reading →

Why Does Graduation Seem So Scary?

Picture it. It’s May/June and you’ve just walked out of your last exam, dissertation handed in and presentations completed. The past few years of your life come to an end and you have to go out and get on with the rest of your life. Are you absolutely terrified? I am. The idea of no... Continue Reading →

What is a “Good Adult?”

t’s the one thing I truly aspire to be, other than a rather snazzy mechanical stress engineer. So what exactly does being a good adult entail? Finances Should all my finances be in order? Out of my overdraft for good? Of course these are things I want, but does that make for a good adult?... Continue Reading →

Summer 2019 Job Hunt: An Update

Huzzah! I’ve found some employment for some of my summer. I will once again be completing the four week NCS programme, but this time working as the group leader. This means organising and planning activities for a group of teenagers as we go through an outdoor centre, a local festival/glamping experience, and carry out some... Continue Reading →

We’re Halfway There…

It’s June and that means we are at the turning point of the year. We are halfway there, just one more round of the last few months of life and we’ll be clear of the 20-teens. Reaching this point has made me question what I have been making of this year, and what I need... Continue Reading →

Rent Dreams

I just keep thinking about the day I can finally graduate, move out of home officially and get my own place in a new city. A new start for me, a chance to leave all my previous mistakes and move forward with the new and improved version of myself. Getting a studio or one bedroom... Continue Reading →

My outlook for summer is bleak

Now that the end of my placement is right around the corner, the prospect of summer is looking a little dull to me. I’ll be doing some work as per usual to pay my first month’s rent and beef up my savings a bit in-case I end up needing to take my car to university... Continue Reading →

Did I choose the right course?

It would be interesting to know that I rewrote my personal statement and began researching engineering extra-curriculars two months before UCAS applications opened. My heart had been fairly set on medicine since the age of ten, having always been interested in the human body and learning about illnesses. So why the last minute change after... Continue Reading →

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