My outlook for summer is bleak

Now that the end of my placement is right around the corner, the prospect of summer is looking a little dull to me.

I’ll be doing some work as per usual to pay my first month’s rent and beef up my savings a bit in-case I end up needing to take my car to university if I can’t find a non-nightclub job in my uni town. I do intend to move into my accommodation the first day it is available to us to use, just so I can get back to a familiar place with some freedom.

My family life has always been a bit strange, we all keep to ourselves and spend our evenings in separate rooms. When we do get together it can be quite pleasant, but the moments always get muddied with petty squabbling that is tiring to listen to. Luckily I am rarely part of the squabbling, but hearing my brother and mother talk reminds me that I don’t want to be in my late 20s living at home like him. Fair enough the cost of a flat in the Cambridge area is high crime and I understand why he’s there, but gosh does it look trying on the soul.

Another thing is that my cousin has moved in from Australia for at least the next two years, so all the bedrooms are full. It never really felt like my room as being a tiny box room meant I spent all my time downstairs, but to come home and hear it be referred to as her room by the family is a little strange. It feels like there is nowhere in this house for me and I know my mother plans a move for this summer so I’ll probably be putting my things in the cupboard of an unfamiliar house with no space at all I recognise as mine. Just makes being home all the more depressing.

I’ll try and come up with a list of goals over summer, probably revolving around Cambridge as I love my city and really haven’t visited it more than once a year since 2016.


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