Rent Dreams

I just keep thinking about the day I can finally graduate, move out of home officially and get my own place in a new city. A new start for me, a chance to leave all my previous mistakes and move forward with the new and improved version of myself.

Getting a studio or one bedroom flat is no small task though. Depending on where I am fortunate enough to obtain a graduate scheme, the chances it will be in a southern town/city means that I won’t be able to afford the cost of living with typical studio rent seemingly being in the 600-800 mark outside of the cost-horror that is London. Which may sound low compared to the shining graduate salary that lies ahead, the likes of which your bank account has never seen, but it can be spent so very easily once bills and adulty things come into play.

I’ve decided to be a bit stubborn on this front and get my own place if it’s the last thing I do. Of course I will opt for shared housing for a few months to acclimatise to the area and maybe make some new friends. It also doesn’t help that getting a flat before starting a job in a new area can be quite tiresome (I went through the same thing before my placement, although a certain HR mishap meant the flat of my 19 year old dreams faded away).

This stubbornness means getting more serious about saving, needing to have a deposit and first month’s rent and bills at the ready, at minimum. The news about agency fees disappearing sounds good, but I fear that we will be seeing the costs come through in higher rent, so I’m just trying to get ready for a realistic price (my constant staring at Right Move is only making me more insane).

Well it’s a bit of a way off, at least a year depending on my situation for my masters, but at least some time before I settle into my graduate location. So until then, I should probably find something else to worry about, which I’m sure won’t take me too long.


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