We’re Halfway There…

It’s June and that means we are at the turning point of the year. We are halfway there, just one more round of the last few months of life and we’ll be clear of the 20-teens. Reaching this point has made me question what I have been making of this year, and what I need to do to accomplish the remainder of the things I wanted before January 1st 2020.

What was it I had in mind again? At this point, not only do I not know what I’ve really accomplished, but I don’t know what I was expecting. Was the plan to be fit and healthy? To be flooded with cash after months of smart saving? Or finally confident and secure in my future path towards post-graduate employment?

As you can see, this point in the year always throws up questions for me, as it is usually quite clear the year isn’t turning out the way I had expected.


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