Tiffin Truck, Cambridge

Cambridge is a small city with a lot to offer. Call me a bit biased here, but I think everyone should visit at least once. There are beautiful buildings, a wonderful botanical garden, and amazing bars and restaurants as far as the eye can see. In my most recent visit home, my friends and I stopped at a fairly new addition to Regent Street, just opposite Parker’s Piece, our central park that is the ground for our festivals and markets.

Tiffin Truck is an Indian restaurant with a stunning street market inspired menu. I ordered a lamb jalfrezi, naan and vada paav. The vada paav was a bun with deep fried spicy potatoes that brought tears of joy and pain to my eyes as I ate it with chilli and all. All the flavours throughout the meal were so intense yet worked together in such harmony. I’m sure you could order nearly any combination on the menu and have a wonderful time.

On offer are 2-4-1 cocktails pretty much all day for the beautiful price of £10, which in Cambridge can be quite the rare sight. The selection includes spiced mojitos, piña coladas and espresso martinis (yes please). I settled for a tall pint, although the bubbles certainly didn’t help cool the flames from the delish potatoes!

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