What is a “Good Adult?”

t’s the one thing I truly aspire to be, other than a rather snazzy mechanical stress engineer. So what exactly does being a good adult entail?


Should all my finances be in order? Out of my overdraft for good? Of course these are things I want, but does that make for a good adult? Many graduates and older adults struggle to make ends meet on the regular. With issues such as increasing rent, childcare, transport and insurance weighing on the masses, my goal of being able to get by seems more of a standard hope these days for many. Do I mean I want to be flush with cash? Definitely not (although it wouldn’t hurt), but I do want to know that next time I check my bank account there won’t be an air of dread as I click the “check balance” button.


A house share? A flat of my very own? What exactly am I considering here? I know I desperately want my own space and am beginning to go just a tad stir crazy that I haven’t accomplished it just yet. Whatever step I take, the bank of mum is not an option (that bank has been in a semi-permanent closure since my first part-time job). Honestly, I know some mid-to-late twenties people who can barely afford their studio flat, actively avoid their housemates or are still living at home (nothing wrong with that last one, great money-saver). Once again, in this ever changing landscape with more and more people turning to renting as they become families and professionals, it makes me wonder whether or not this term of “a good adult” doesn’t really exist. I think I’m just trying to picture something that isn’t really there, and instead just need to focus on getting to my own version.


Well this one I have a decent idea of. I want to be a mechanical engineer at a respectable company, being paid to do what I love. Having already received a taste of that during this placement year, I feel like it is a bit more in my grasp, although I still have a lot of work that I need to complete in order to achieve this. I need to figure out what can give me a more competitive edge further down the line as I begin applying for roles against other candidates with similar, if not better, accolades than me.

My plan for next year is both terrifying and depressing, but I need to work as hard as I ever have in the past to get to the point where I feel confident. Although there is the lingering possibility that no matter how hard I try, that goal of mine will always seem a little bit out of reach…


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