Postgraduate Study

So I’ve been panicking all year about having to do a masters after finally getting to taste some freedom from education. I just want to finish my bachelors and launch back into adult life, looking at Ikea plates and having some wine after a good day of work. However, doing a masters is exactly what I need to do for a career, but it’s also the one thing I don’t want to do.

My main issue was completing another year of university, barely scrapping by and stressed out beyond belief. Becoming a chartered engineer is a very important goal for me however and that glowing “MEng” criteria on the page told me I had no other option…

What is distance learning?

So I think I’ve found the perfect solution. Doing a part time course across three years at home that leads to that all important IMechE accredited Masters degree! It would mean that come this September I could simply apply for graduate jobs (eek) as well as a degree from a good university like Manchester or Brunel that gives me the chance to work full time and do some university work in my evenings in my own time. It would spread the work out and even allow me a full year for my dissertation.

You may be thinking that it would take me longer to get the CEng of my dreams, but either way I need to work in industry for at least four years, and this way I get the masters at the same time as I’m getting the years of experience as opposed to taking a whole year for the study. This will also be way better for me financially, especially if I get a job up North or a more commutable distance from home (here’s hoping for the first of those two choices!)

This seems like the perfect choice for me and I am already feeling a bit less of a panic than I did before. If only everything else in my life could fall into place!

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