Uni Job Hunt

As I am perpetually poor and am planning on keeping the money in my savings account for as long as I can manage, I am yet again looking for a job once I get back to university.

It has been quite a while since I applied for a part-time job (summer job not included), so I am in desperate need of a CV overhaul. I don’t think I’ve even looked at my non-placement CV in years. Especially since so many jobs as of late have application forms. However, my ideal job location would be in the shopping centre that my house shares a road with (talk about a prime location property), so I’ll need to march into each shop with my CV in my hand, reminiscent of my 16-year-old days.

I’ve never worked retail, and from what I’ve heard, I guess I should be thankful! The ever looming thought of my overdraft closing is behind me though so I have to forge on and look for something, but this time I have to be mindful not to work 25 hour weeks like I did in the past. Especially not at a night club when I get no sleep!

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