How Have I Found My Placement Year?

Tomorrow is my last day of placement as I used up all of my remaining holiday to finish earlier. Soon it will be summer, which involves summer work and some holidays, so I am definitely looking forward to that. However, I can’t help but feel sad that I’m having to return to university again after a peaceful year of full-time work.

Truth be told, I’m so excited to get back to university and be with my friends, but I also just wish it was already done and I didn’t have to do any more. Haven’t I proved myself yet? Obviously I know nothing entitles me to an easy ride to graduate employment, and this placement is only a boost, not a sure-fire method of gaining employment. That instantly fills me with fear, as come September, I’ve made the choice to apply for graduate jobs and look for alternative methods to a standard full-time master’s degree.

This placement has been so good for me, as it gave me the time to really calm down. Reading the previous blog posts I’ve written, you must dread to think what the previous version of me was if this is now the calmer version of myself. I must admit that having all my worries written down makes it all seem a bit madder, but these are the sort of things that bother me. I’ve always been a career-focused person, because other than sleep, it will be how I spent most of my time alive so I really want to enjoy the work that I will be doing. The wide range of opportunities at this placement gave me the chance to look into different areas of engineering and figure out a clearer image of what I found desirable as my 9-5.

My next steps are still looking a little hazy, but I am starting to form a better idea, which is much more than I could say for my 18-year-old counterpart.

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