My Next Steps – Final Year of University

As I had previously mentioned, I am beginning to have a better idea of what my next steps could be. Well, honestly, it’s more of a rough outline as with each step, I have no real idea how it will actually turn out in the end.

So I’ll be returning to university to complete my bachelors with a year’s work experience now in hand. My initial plan is to try my hardest and graduate with a 2:1, as well as using my time much more wisely than ever before. I intend to;

1)  Work 20 hours a week MAX – I can’t handle the lack of sleep any longer and need to focus on my studies and graduate applications

2)  Focus my graduate application period to September, before university properly starts. This is good advice I have seen and gives me the opportunity to focus day-in and day-out on creating tailored applications without pushing work aside. It gives me a few weeks before modules begin, so that throughout the year, I just have to worry about interviews/assessment centres. These will be far more isolated periods of preparation as opposed to the continually draining method of job searching I did last year for this placement.

3)  Look into postgraduate masters options. It is possible that I might just wait a year after graduating to settle into a job and then pile on the extra work that would be involved. I do feel like looking to apply for a part-time/distance learning masters once I’ve secured graduate employment is a better option. Especially with Cranfield university, as the course option has me visiting Milton Keynes from time to time, so it would be nice to know the location I’ll be working in relation to the campus.

4)  Saving more. I have a gentle saving plan that I will need to fully write up, especially when I see what type of part-time job I can find at university. My small goal is to have £3000 in my savings account. I accept I won’t likely be striding straight into a studio flat and would need to live in a shared house for at least 3-6 months so I can save more, meet some people, and acclimatise to the area before paying out the nose for a box room with a sink and shower.

5)  Enjoying my final summer. I’ve never had more than three/four weeks completely free from work or university since 2016. This was my personal choice and gave me the chance to afford the things I have managed to get, as well as have a decent amount of work experience to secure roles that are going to be invaluable for my graduate search.

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