My Next Steps – Hopes for Graduate Me

Thought it would be better for me to have these lists spaced out for future reference (obviously for your benefit also), so this is my general hopes for my time come graduation.

So my hopes are that I find a graduate job. That’s the one goal that is above and beyond, and I would really hope to try and find one before I finish my bachelors so I have one less thing to needlessly panic about, although it means less frantic blog posts. My general hopes for 2020 (these are all fairly short-term in the grand scheme of things);

1)  Successfully find a nice share house for the time I plan on sharing. I don’t want to share with strangers for too long. Not that I had a bad experience, but I can’t help but walk on eggshells and feel a bit strange 24/7 and I don’t really fancy it for more than six months. My goal is to hopefully find some nice graduates in the area or my work who would be up for a small flat share, or if I do end up north, renting a small studio and using some of my savings to start me off. Not the most sensible of notions, but something I really want to do regardless.

2)  Successfully applying for a master’s degree. Whether that is for Sep 2020, or even January as some courses do, or again I could start studying in 2021 so I get a year to settle into full-time work before I pile on the extra work that would be expected.

3)  Take up a fun activity for my sanity and some new friends. It’s weird to find friends outside of school or work, so I want to join something like a rowing team or an art class where I can meet some nice people and actually get out of the house. It will let me breathe from the work I plan on undertaking with the masters and grad role, so having a small respite when I’m in an area all alone away from friends would be a life-saver.

4)  Continue saving to a point of at least another £4,000 for that first year as I really hope I’ll be living pretty simply. If it’s not doable, which knowing me isn’t unimaginable, I would aim to at least have £2500 as I was able to save more than that on a non-graduate amount. The goal would be for a nice flat and furniture, so this would be a goal for the year if I wait a bit longer to move out. I also want to get better at generally saving and hope that if I do get a flat, I don’t immediately stop saving.

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