Improving My Leadership Skills

Since I’m hoping to become a chartered engineer down the line, it would make sense that I wouldn’t mind being in charge of a team of engineers at some point. That is why evidence of leadership is so important for the chartership application, and in turn the graduate applications as well.

It’s a bit odd having to consider that I need to be a good leader as I go about my activities throughout university. In what terms do they mean? Because, I could see strong teamwork, communication and problem-solving all falling under a “leadership umbrella”, so when the skill is listed separately, I wonder what exactly it is I need to be saying to sell myself more efficiently for the bigger graduate roles.

First of all – I’ve been sure to be the project lead for all my university group projects, being sure to organise my teams and our resources whenever I could get the chance. But is that really good enough? What exactly to I say to showcase my skills?
I generally tend to talk about playing to each member’s strengths, whether that is reallocating tasks at certain stages or motivating people at work when I was a shift lead then. It also helps to mention something good we all did, such as a first class result or having routine high sales for the night.

Organisation – So it can’t be avoided, a lot of the skills they ask for actually overlap and it’s hard to come up with examples that don’t all just sound the same. So I try to mention that I organised things to benefit a team and that the organisation led to better cohesion of the team and less confusion. As opposed to talking about how it benefitted me specifically. Not too sure if that really helps, but it makes it sound much more team-orientated than a generic organisation tick mark for the hiring manager (I hope so anyways).

This post is sadly short as I simply don’t know how I need to present myself as an effective leader yet. Hopefully when I get back to university and am in contact with our careers department, I may be able to get some tips and with some more experience, I can write a much more focused post. Because in the end, my goal for this page is to have some really useful career information for people at different stages of their career. That is a long term goal as I need the years of experience before I can fully write any of the more in-depth material, but it’s a nice hope for now.

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