Goals for my final year summer

Been thinking about this since I’ve been working through every single summer since college and don’t even have the savings to back it up. But with my current summer being yet another full one of interviews and full work-days, it makes me wonder how I’ll be able to finally enjoy the last long summer I’ll probably ever get come 2020.

My goals have already been put out for the next academic year and post-graduation, and both of them require quite a bit of money saving, so wanting to go on a big long holiday doesn’t seem all that compatible. So here is what I have in mind;

  1. First of all, I don’t really want to have to take up some full-time work over the summer before I start a graduate job. I shouldn’t act like I’ll definitely find a graduate job before my final year ends, but if I am fortunate enough, I want to enjoy the summer and see all my friends.
  2. However, I appreciate a lot of people are getting busier and some would have already graduated the year before and be less available, so I really want to do some solo-travelling. Maybe some friendly Scandinavian countries for a few weeks – although they are well-known for being extremely expensive.
  3. Earning some more moving money without losing all my time. Just because I’m not too keen on working full-time over the summer, doesn’t mean I have no interest in earning some more for my savings and overdraft. I am leaning towards the festival circuit as it pays fairly well for the day and gives me the chance to enjoy music all over the country and would only be a few days throughout the summer.

I’m sure you can see that the ideas are vague at best and that I’m not all too sure on how exactly I will be spending that time. I have to be realistic, and it’s all just a bit much to worry about whilst I’m working constantly right now. Maybe when I take a break, I can dream of the next break.

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