Two Magpies Bakery, Southwold

Going down to the seaside is one of my favourite British pastimes. It can be a sunny day, meaning a nice walk down the pier for great fish and chips, strange arcade games, or view of the pretty town through those old-timey binoculars. Even if it’s raining, sitting in a cosy pub, full of local... Continue Reading →

Biddy’s Tea Room, Norwich

Despite the name of the blog, I also love tea! I went to visit a friend studying at University of East Anglia in Norwich whilst I was volunteering at the local science festival, and she showed me that the city was my true home. Full of adorable narrow streets and cute tea shops and rainbow... Continue Reading →

Simmons Bar, Camden Town

Simmons Bar is not too uncommon in London and for good reason. On a rather dull evening, a friend and I decided to pop to Camden, being near my university and meant to be a good place to find something interesting to do. We wondered various bars looking for somewhere to chat whilst enjoying something... Continue Reading →

Hatch – St Albans, Hertfordshire

Hello again everyone! Thought I should live up to the name of the blog and talk about some coffee! I got into coffee when I was fifteen, but that was solely Starbucks or Costa. It wasn’t until university when I realised how expensive getting two or three Costa coffees a day was (I have many regrets),... Continue Reading →

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