Trip to Malta

As my first semester of second year came to an end, the thing on most people’s minds is taking a break from all the assignments that have been hailing down before Christmas, and hiding away from the dreaded January exams. My friend and I did just that, booking a trip back in September for a... Continue Reading →

Going solo in France

To start my second year I wanted to go explore solo and get a taste of that “worldly feeling” all these gap year people go on about. My first year had me scrounging for deals in Aldi and pouring countless vodka cokes in hopes of affording some textbooks (woe is me, I know). So after... Continue Reading →

Feb 2019 – Journey to Iceland!

Hi everyone! For my first real post about my life, I thought my recent trip to Iceland would be a no-brainer! My boyfriend and I went for our anniversary weekend of the 15th (pretty convenient anniversary to remember) and we had a blast! Unfortunately due to weather we were unable to see the Northern Lights,... Continue Reading →

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