Why Does Graduation Seem So Scary?

Picture it. It’s May/June and you’ve just walked out of your last exam, dissertation handed in and presentations completed. The past few years of your life come to an end and you have to go out and get on with the rest of your life. Are you absolutely terrified? I am. The idea of no... Continue Reading →

All My Friends Are Graduating

Taking a placement year puts me in an odd place as it is approaching the point where most of my friends are graduating their standard three year degrees. Of course it isn’t all of my friends, as we all take different paths. Some friends left college and got into work and I have seen them... Continue Reading →

Can I be a flexible employee?

I have begun eagerly looking at some graduate roles to get an idea of what I can do in my final year, potentially two years, of university to give me that all important “edge”. Already making plans to look for some leadership roles and a fun team-based society, there was one bit of criteria that... Continue Reading →

Completely freaking out in general.

The title may come across as a little dramatic, and even though I will admit my days of youth theatre have left their mark, the title is very accurate. I’m sure you are thinking, “What can she be worried about? She is completing a year placement with a well-known engineering company and had some work... Continue Reading →

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