Struggling with food

This will be a fun happy tale. I’ve always had weird thing with food, either being stick thin as a child, or very overweight as a young adult. I managed to put on over five stone since I turned 17, relying on food to ease my stress or boredom. I always feel like I should... Continue Reading →

Tidying up

Since the start of university I’ve been adding more and more clothing to my wardrobe, refusing to get rid of clothes that could no longer fit in hopes I could squeeze into them soon enough. That time never came and the collection of small clothes began to build. This alongside my excitement for buying adult... Continue Reading →

Am I actually trying to lose weight?

Coming to you with a rather typical post talking about my wonderful lack of enthusiasm for things that would better me. First things first, let the record show that I'm not trying to lose weight for any beauty reasons, but for health and comfort. I am very lazy by nature and love being comfy, and... Continue Reading →

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