How Have I Found My Placement Year?

Tomorrow is my last day of placement as I used up all of my remaining holiday to finish earlier. Soon it will be summer, which involves summer work and some holidays, so I am definitely looking forward to that. However, I can’t help but feel sad that I’m having to return to university again after... Continue Reading →

Less than three months to go…

I have been on my placement for just under ten months and have loved it all the way through. There have been points were I have been so busy I thought my head could spin, and other days when I would twiddle my thumbs. This is typical of most offices, but the overall experience has... Continue Reading →

Can I be a flexible employee?

I have begun eagerly looking at some graduate roles to get an idea of what I can do in my final year, potentially two years, of university to give me that all important “edge”. Already making plans to look for some leadership roles and a fun team-based society, there was one bit of criteria that... Continue Reading →

Going out alone

Yesterday I took the day off to head into town to get a dress for my cousin's wedding. What with it being payday, and needing to use up twelve more days of holiday in the three months I have left of my placement, why not? I do enjoy my own company, even though I am... Continue Reading →

My transition from university to placement

I have mentioned that I am currently doing a placement year between my second and third years of university in aerospace engineering. At first I couldn't even imagine what being on placement would be like compared to the comfortable life of university, but now I can't even imagine returning to university this September! The change... Continue Reading →

Completely freaking out in general.

The title may come across as a little dramatic, and even though I will admit my days of youth theatre have left their mark, the title is very accurate. I’m sure you are thinking, “What can she be worried about? She is completing a year placement with a well-known engineering company and had some work... Continue Reading →

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